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Jeffrey L. Buehrer, MD
David H. Kim, DO
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North Ohio Vascular Surgery Associates, LLC
703 Tyler Street, Suite 351    -    Sandusky, Ohio  44870
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Vein Center
Varicose and spider veins are common conditions in the United States,
affecting up to 15 percent of men and up to 25 percent of women.  For many
people, varicose and spider veins are a cosmetic concern.  However, for
others, these conditions can cause aching pain and discomfort and can
lead to more serious problems.  Now there is a safe and minimally-invasive
way to eliminate your suffering.  For your individualized plan, contact our
specialists, Jeffrey L. Buehrer, MD and David H. Kim, DO, both Vascular
How can varicose veins be

Endovenous Laser Treatment
(EVLT) was FDA-approved in 2002,
and is a quick, minimally invasive
laser treatment performed in our
office.  The entire procedure takes
about an hour and causes little or
no pain.  EVLT uses laser energy to
treat the underlying cause of
varicose veins by closing off the
vein.  To ensure the vein is closed
completely, you will be required to
wear compression stockings.
How can spider veins be

A common form of treatment for
spider veins is sclerotherapy.  This
is an in-office procedure where
veins are injected with a medicated
solution, using fine needles, which
causes the vein to collapse and
fade from view.
Laser Treatment

- Treatment takes less than an hour
- Performed in our office
- Success rate of 98%
- Fast relief of symptoms
- Immediate return to normal activity
- Minimally invasive surgery
- No hospitalization
- No scars
For more complete and detailed
information about varicose veins,
spider veins and your treatment
options, please view our
Vein Guide